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The Ocean Cockroach

Jun 20 2005 Published by Brad under Uncategorized

The slaughter of these magnificent creatures is inexcusable, particularly now, in our supposedly enlightened times.

Ocean cockroaches. That’s what the spokesman for Japanese fisheries calls whales. How intelligent. Minke whales are hunted by the mob-controlled Japanese whaling industry at a rate of about 500 every year, with the claim that it’s for research purposes. In fact, it’s to sell the meat which the Japanese apparently crave.

At the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission which began today in South Korea, Japan announced its plans to up that number to 850 Minke whales this year, and it seems if they had their way, Japan would lift the 20-year old whaling ban altogether. If this happened, it’s widely assumed that Russia and South Korea would soon resume whaling as well, and we’d be right back where we started when many species were on the brink of extinction in the 1970’s and 80’s.

New Zealand and Australia, for their part, are outraged at the prospect of relaxing whaling restrictions – and while cynics would point to those nations’ burgeoning whale-watching industry, it’s obvious to me that their upset at the slaughter of these incredibly intelligent, gentile giants comes from a noble motive.

In response to Japan’s position, the Australian Environment Minister said, “The world today will either be stepping forward into an era where conservation and the environment really matter, or it will be stepping back into the Dark Ages, where the people of the world think that slaughter of whales using grenades, electric lances and rifles is something that we should accept.”

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A Wireless Life

Jun 18 2005 Published by Brad under Uncategorized

Love it: Airport Express lets you surf, print, and pipe music through the stereo wirelessly.

You may recall me complaining about my limited options (all of ‘em expensive,) when it came to high speed internet. I planned on making a big push for a municipal wireless plan where everybody could pay just $5 or $10 a month and surf anywhere in town, perhaps even down at the beach. Well, I still plan on proposing something like that at a city hall meeting, but it’s going to take quite a bit of organization – and for now, I need a short-term plan…

Enter Brad’s wireless condo plan. I know of at least 4 people in our 25-unit condo that work out of their homes. I have no doubt that there’s interest in pooling our resources to create a building-wide network, it’s just that nobody has thought of it yet.

So, I posted sign-up sheets around the building and in just a couple days have already gotten over 1/3 of the units signed up. I’m now researching various T-1 providers to build us a wireless, secure network that could foreseeably cost as little as 10 bucks apiece every month. Expanding on that idea, bundling together a couple of these T1 lines would cost more – but would give us twice the upload and download speeds of cable modems and allow for the possibility of VOIP – ditching all our expensive land lines, and plugging our phones into the network.

I’m presenting the options at our board meeting next month, and hopefully we’ll pass something that same night. We may have a wireless network by the end of the summer.

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NYC Pictures

Jun 18 2005 Published by Brad under Uncategorized

We opted to bring a video camera to NYC last month, and let the other couple (Melissa’s sister and now fiancĂ©) worry about still shots. So, we just got copies of all the photos they took. Though I haven’t felt overly photogenic lately, I thought I’d share a few that turned out nice and/or funny… As always, click to make ‘em grow.

Even though this qualifies as a cheesy tourist shot, the Statue has always been my favorite, and seeing the colossus in person gives me chills.

Melissa and her newly engaged sister on Liberty Island. Other than a couple rainstorms, we had fantastic spring-like weather.

I only have so much patience for pretentious Soho boutiques, and after just 2 or 3 I’d just about run out. In this picture I was thinking that escaping to the Metropolitan Museum of Art was only a 10 minute cab ride away. Oh yeah, and they’re calling that thing a shoe.

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