Coming Into Port

Jul 26 2006

Just a few days left in July, and I’m finishing up my project du jour: the middle deck renderings of that big yacht. There’ll still be a smaller upper deck to complete down the road, but by this weekend I hope to be giving full attention to the Ramadan children’s book project. (Snapshots forthcoming.)

Much of what these renderings has been about is simulating endless wood samples, fabrics, steel and stone textures in watercolor and colored pencil. Here’s an example of a chair that I’m pretty happy with…

The material.

The result – click to see larger.

Behind the scenes: I painted the yellow ochre color first, (called “ground color” in interior design-speak). Now the design – but it’s light cream in color. Since watercolor is a transparent medium, light colors painted on dark ones just disappear. So I mixed in a touch of white gouache with the cream color, transforming it into an opaque paint that behaves just like watercolor. The untrained viewer is left to ponder if I went loony from painting the brown around all those little loops and swirls. Yes I’m crazy – but it wasn’t that!

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  1. You’ve talked about white gouache in your blog before and for some reason, I have this very sensorial image of it. I can imagine swimming in a sea of it – all cloudy, creamy white – and it would taste like marshmallow fluff although perhaps a tad chalky.

    oh my…I think I’ve lost my mind :)

    gorgeous renderings!

  2. After trying unsuccessfully to pry the cap off an old tube of gouache with my teeth, I can attest that yes…

    it’s quite chalky. : (

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