Melissa’s Home

Jun 27 2005

After a long month, Melissa’s job in upper Michigan is complete, and a very weary girl is back home where she belongs. From what I can tell, the project was a huge success, though getting information out of her is a little difficult – she spent the whole afternoon doing some well deserved napping…

While she was in slumberland, however, I managed to dig up some photos of the job site off the digital camera she took along. Out of respect for the privacy of the client, I won’t include any interior shots of their home, but trust me – after three years of planning and a month on location, she and her coworkers put together an incredible vacation home.
As usual, the pictures grow when you click.

Melissa played copilot in the clients’ private jet during the trip from Chicago to Michigan.

Aerial view of the job site from the cockpit.

The bay from the rear porch.

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