More Catholic Garbage

Jun 28 2005

Calgary’s Bishop Frederick Henry.

If you’re not up on your Canadian daily news, here’s a headline for you. Canadian Parliament government is voting today on the issue of legalizing gay marriages, and it looks like it’s going to pass. This will make our neighbors to the north one of just three nations in the world to give same-sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples.

I’m not going to dive into that today, though. Because as I was reading the article, I was too distracted by the statements of Roman Catholic Bishop Frederick Henry. He says that “biological parents usually protect and provide for their children more effectively than non-biological ones.

Wow, Bishop. Just when I think the outdated, patriarchal, self-righteous judgments can’t get any more repulsive, you Catholics surprise me again. Let me tell you something, Freddy. I was raised alongside three adopted siblings – children who have gone through their whole lives with no inkling of what a biological relationship is like, and these kids were as well-provided for, well-protected and well-loved as any other child in the world. In Bishop Fred’s zeal to push his only-straight-people-can-be-good-parents message, he (knowingly or unknowingly) slapped every person in the face who has sacrificed their time, money, hopes, energy and love by bringing a child into their family – children who otherwise wouldn’t have had a family. In fact, at this very moment in the U.S., the Catholic church is busy lobbying to outlaw gay couples who want to adopt. They apparently believe that a loving couple of the same sex is, for a child, a fate worse than having no parents. Unbelievable, that we put up with this kind level of intolerance.

I’m fed up with the Catholic church. But that’s not all… I’m fed up with the thousands of silent people who show up and give their money every week, but won’t wake up long enough to realize what’s going on behind the Father’s thin, sanctimonious smile. These guys make their living telling people how to run their marriages, run their reproductive systems, how to vote, how to avoid Hell… all supposedly direct orders from an all-loving, “forgiving” God.
For centuries, these men have shown us that their archaic teachings have no place in a society that strives for love and inclusiveness… and I think it’s about time somebody stood up and kicked these guys off their velvet thrones.

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